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Voice Care Fact Sheets

Hi-yo! If you’re here from Teacher Kaye Talks on YouTube, and you’ve come to download the vocal care fact sheets — here they are! If it’s the other way around, and you’re here for vocal health info, go watch Episodes 11 and 15 on my channel.

How is our voice made? What is a voice problem?

This fact sheet discusses some of the things I talked about in Episode 11, particularly how our voice is produced, and what parts of our body are involved.

I’ll prepare an episode discussing the different presentations of voice problems. If I describe (and demonstrate) some of the characteristics of the problem, it might be easier to identify if you’re experiencing them, too!

Top Vocal Care Tips from a Laryngologist

This one is a condensed version of my tips, but since it’s not an exact summary of my episode, the myths aren’t discussed here. Refer to the video for the common misconceptions of what are good and not good to take for your voice, whether for speaking or singing.

Voice Box Cancer and Risk Factors

Throwing this one in here for prevention. Laryngeal Cancer is one of the extreme outcomes of vocal abuse, with particular mention of the 2 biggest risk factors: smoking and alcohol.

These are courtesy of The Medical City‘s Center for Voice and Swallowing, prepared by my voice specialist / laryngologist, Dr. Clarissa Fortuna.

Just click the photos to enlarge, and “Save As” to download your copy. Feel free to share the resource with your family and friends, and let’s all be on top of our vocal care game.

Happy talking! ?

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