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Teacher Kaye Talks | Speech Sound Development Chart

You wouldn’t think anything good could come out of this pandemic, but so much has, for me at least. Since my last post, I’ve revamped my YouTube account to (finally) actualize an advocacy I’ve been ruminating for years.
The story behind my new Channel Playlist

Episode 5 Downloadable: Speech Sound Development Chart

Fast forward, and I’m on my 5th week and episode, with my very first downloadable content. As mentioned on the video, here is the speech sounds development chart, which shows what sounds are most commonly produced by children at these approximate ages.

speech sound acquisition chart by teacher kaye talks
Speech Sound Development Chart by Teacher Kaye Talks

* Please note that this should serve only as a guide. Further, the words noted on the chart are only meant to demonstrate how the individual sounds may be used in a word, but are not the first words they will say. Also, the ages of acquisition pertain to the sounds made in isolation and not in word form.

I’m still experimenting on posting this chart, so let me know if you’re able to download this image fine.

Happy talking, everyone!


  1. Tanya Mascarenhas says:

    Thank you very much for this;) are you available to speak to us . We are in London. WanTED advice.

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