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GILIW KOrus: UP Concert Chorus, My Love

The actual tagline of the concert was Love is Our Song, but my title is what last night actually meant to me. Despite the somber beginnings of this homecoming concert (the idea spurred by a death in our ranks), it became a memorable gathering for 130 or so alumni from all over the world.

58 Years of Music

My favorite moment of the night came as early as the invocation, when it felt like the entire Bahay ng Alumni was singing The Majesty and Glory of His Name. I was so moved by the moment, so thankful to share this beautiful tradition with a family that goes back to the 60s (shout out to my Ninang Yoli who urged me to join the UPCC, being an alumna of the UP Mixed Chorus).

Excerpt posted by our pianist, Jesper Mercado
Lupang Hinirang by a singing congregation ??
Watching the different batches perform was another kind of thrill. Each decade naturally exhuded a certain personality. The 70s with their grand choir sound, singing Battle Hymn of the Republic and a complex Filipino folk song; the 80s was about the glamour, with their flashy costumes and very groovy mashup of Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika and Umbrella; the 90s showcased their strong soloists and flair for drama in a Les Miserables medley. And we 2000s? We were beautiful ? We sang Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan, the song that the orphaned batch dedicated to the late, great Rey Paguio; and Amazing Grace/How Great Thou Art, featuring our Mam Jai Aracama who took us under her wings. Lastly, seeing the recent decades with their updated pusod (the standard is now hair extensions, and they look ??) and sounding lovelier every time I watch them is a joy!

Grand Choir on stage

The 70s looking elegant

Colorful Show choir singing

The 80s in their sequins and sunglasses

Choir singing Les Miserables Medley

The 90s in French revolution garb


An awesome montage by batch 90 performing then and now, compiled by the absent Egay Labor

Very Korus

The real magic of UPCC is the way it transforms a bunch of regular students into seasoned performers, while also giving us the skills to mount and organize concerts, and make one helluva show – and those things last for years and years, well into our careers, no matter where we end up. So last night, on that stage, was a long history of excellence that I’m so proud to be a part of. Each batch starkly different, but all with that “very Korus” charm that has bewitched many hearts all over the globe, and will live on for many more years.

Performers in the audience area

In our designated area, waiting for the show to begin

Performers backstage

At the wings, seconds away from our segment

2000s decade, captured by my “old member” Jenny’s family

2000 Decade: touring batches ’00, ’03, ’04, ’06, ’08


Video of the 2010 decade, posted by my batchmate, Gabo, who continued to perform with this batch. I was part of the original ’04 batch to perform this ChoreoCapella number of ABBA Medley: arranged by Jai Aracama and movements by Ernest Hojilla
Tutti, approximately 130 alumni on stage singing UP Naming Mahal

Infinity dresses for the win! ?

Dinner fellowship with Ritzi Ronquillo, longstanding President of our association

Members of all ages doing the Tala dance ? It’s great to be with such fun-loving people!


Can’t wait for the 60th! Thank you to all the organizers. It was so good to see my fellow alumni (especially those who doubled as hosts in our past tours ?). Congratulations, Korus!

* Photos and videos grabbed from Allan A, Popo S, Emily S, Gabo V, Jonathan B ?



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