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October 29, 2019
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January 13, 2020
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New Year, New Destination!

After traveling for most of the night til dawn, Ry and I arrived in the island of Ko Samui just past sunrise today. Thrilled to experience a new place at the turn of the year!

Dumping some quick first impressions and a storybook of Day 1 before I sleep.

  • Bangkok is flat, or so it appeared from the air.

  • Thailand is much cleaner and more efficient than I had imagined, and I’m envious for my country. ?

The awesomest choice we made so far: The Nest

  • Coffee and tea are great!

  • Stray dogs seem happy!
  • Samui has lots of tourists from all over the world, has developed areas, but does not feel overly chaotic. There were some spots that we had all to ourselves.

Strolling through the grounds of Bandara Resort

  • Food can be cheap (there was a resto with happy hour for food ? and some dishes were 50B each), but most prices for everything are tailored to a Western wallet.

Coffee the chihuahua, curry, pad thai, fried rice, coffee, and tea at P&T Hostel

  • Nothing, NOTHING, beats a Philippine beach. Fight me LOL ? (no, don’t). Our waters our clearer, sands finer. If only “progress” can be regulated…

Had a fantastic first day, ขอขอบคุณ! (Thank you!)

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