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July 8, 2019
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August 22, 2019
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A New Season in Sydney | Winter Wedding, Part 1

My biggest writing obstacle has always been my own ideas of grandeur. By wanting to immortalize a good vacation or special event in a perfect entry, I end up not doing it at all. ?‍♀️ Hay nako, if an oxymoron could be a person, it’d be me.

So before I become too daunted by the task, here are some of my favorite shots. Some photos were taken by the wedding suppliers, but mostly by me. This milestone is something I want to look back on someday.

The Preparations

I left 5 days before the big day to help with whatever my sister needed. That meant errands, crafting, and just being there for her as she was about to transition into marriage.

It was not the winter that I expected. On sunny days, a tank top was enough. Only when the wind was gusty or if I was under the shade did it feel like an actual winter. The trouble with that is you can leave the house with a coat and not need it all day, or not prepare for the cold and freeze later on. Despite that, I enjoyed not sweating the entire trip. ?

Girl pointing at map on the wall

Geotagging myself on the world map

Girl writing calligraphy

Making the seating chart

Be Grateful Today mug with cereal

Be Grateful Today, said this Kikki.K mug

I really enjoyed going to office supplies, crafts, and textile stores for our materials because the designs, quality, and variety were unlike what we have back home. It would be so easy to keep creating with so many options readily available! The yarn selections were also dreamy. My personal preferences are the chunky and mixed textures, but owing to the fact that I live in a tropical country, they’re not easy to come by, nor are their finished products practical most times.

Cloths in bolts

Wanted all of these cloths!

Yarn selection at a store

Big yarn selections everywhere

Celebrating Mom’s 75th

T minus 2 days to the wedding, most of the other guests arrived, including my family and Ry. It also happened to be my mom’s 75th birthday, so she treated to lunch at the iconic Bondi Iceberg’s, which also happened to be celebrating its anniversary that day.

Seafood platter from Bondi Iceberg's

Monster seafood platter, and everything was goooood

Grandma with grandkids at Bondi Beach

Mom with her beloved apos

Feeling groggy from his red-eye flight, Ry had to have his coffee fix. On our walk home, we found this little hipster shop that served only nut milks. We tried the macadamia, but he decided on the hazelnut. That coffee was a very deep roast (in other words, not my type but his).

Coffee to go in a plastic cup

This was a good one for him

The next day, everyone met at the apartment for our convoy to Hunter Valley. We loaded Simon’s truck with all the wedding essentials, and whatever other luggage could fit afterward. My checklist included not only big items like the gown, but also marshmallows and fairy lights (it was a very DIY wedding).

3 men in a garage

Dad met Kevin for the 1st time that day

Packed pickup truck

Their signature truck full to the brim

My family rented the biggest property on Bimbadgen for the weekend. By the time we arrived, the patio was already being set up for my sister’s hen tea party. Ate Tin also had a nail truck parked on the lawn for manis and pedis.

Tea party garden set up

Time for high tea! Beautiful set up and loot bags from Rosie Lee High Tea

Tea party menu

Coronation chicken and sausage rolls were my favorite

Scones, rolls, and sandwiches for tea time

Scones, rolls, and sandwiches

Girl getting a pedicure

Champagne, full mani-pedi service, and awesome chitchat with Heidi of Nail Call

Rosie Lee High Tea cookies

Almost too pretty not to eat, but too good to pass up

Girl laughing with wine glasses

Giddy bride-to-be… the wine helped

When the guests had gone, it was time to wind down with the family. We spent our last few hours together drinking wine and nibbling on the in-house cheese platters. By bedtime, my sister and I moved into the Longhouse, her bridal suite in the Valley. From the outside, it looked like a garage or warehouse, but inside, it was one of the coziest, modern spaces I’d ever stayed in.


My overnight bedroom

Living room with leather seats, high bookshelf, and fireplace

Beautiful details

Hugging sisters

Last night as a single woman (I was wearing a Nike Pacquiao shirt)

July 20, 2019

On the morning of her big day, she woke me up at zero-dark hundred to catch the sunrise. Her timing was perfect, and within minutes, the sky was brightening ever so slowly with light from the distant horizon. The shadows we saw moving outside turned out to be kangaroos crossing the fields, mere feet away from our window. I prepared us coffee, and we sat together for a while, watching hot air balloons take off into the sky. It was a good start to the happiest day of her life.

(To be continued because WordPress is acting up ?)

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