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Pre-Valentine Pampering

Really not one for cheesiness on Valentine’s Day, but it’s never stopped me from celebrating love with family and friends. Besides, the occasion is sandwiched by other important, personal dates that also fall on the month of February, like our anniversary, and the birthdays of my sister and boyfriend, so there is actually a lot of love to go around.


Last Sunday, Ry came to my room with a mischievous smile, which I’ve learned to identify as, “I bought something.” True enough, within seconds, he held out a bag in front of him labeled Havaianas. Inside were, not 1 but 2 pairs of flip-flops, and when he goes overboard like that, it can only mean it’s Mario Brothers. I was right, that was exactly what they were. The mismatched Mario and Luigi pair is so iconic with its classic design, and the bright scene from Super Mario World is super kawaii. I’m pretty sure my overjoyed reaction was worth the purchase for him, because after 9 years, despite his denial of it, I think his expressive love language is ‘gift giving.’

Mario Brothers x Havaianas

Havaianas Ruby Red

Mario Brothers x Havaianas

Havaianas in Blue Splash


On the very first day of V-week, my friends and I threw a joint bridal shower for our two girls who are getting married a month apart. Being the titas that we have (proudly) become, it was devoid of the kinky and tacky as we opted for a chill sparty with good food, some wine, and pampering. After all, ‘the greatest love,’ according to Whitney (and I wholly agree), is learning to love yourself. So despite having just had the works on my hands and feet some months ago, I gave myself the gift of paraffin wax again. I am obsessed with what it does to the skin, so I am super curious about this Baby Foot product I’ve been seeing online; but I digress. So impressed with the folks at Celebrity Nails: it was my second time to employ their services, and they were easy to coordinate with, professional, and their technicians were really mindful but thorough. It was a stress-free time to bond and prettify ourselves, and that was the most valuable thing they afforded us.

Square Nails

Zoya in a milky grey matte with a smooth, non-streaky formula (sorry ’bout the unfocused snap, took this in a rush)

The Gift

Tonight, I just came home from a pre-Valentine dinner at Soru Izakaya; he wanted to try the sushi, and we both wanted to avoid the traffic, and for no other reason than we simply chose to be together today. Even after he had been awake for more than a day, after I had finished work and errands, the important thing is we made the time, and continue to make that commitment always. It’s something we can do for all the best people in our lives. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to pamper your family and friends on this over-commercialized holiday, give them time. It’s the gift I appreciate above all.


  1. Macy says:

    Happy V-day, lovahs!

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