From the Holidays to a Happier New Year
January 19, 2018
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February 9, 2018
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Jam-packed January

Hiking Mt. Masungki

Vertical climbs, scrambling, rappelling to get this view

January caught me off guard. Once my brain went on vacation in December, it seemed reluctant to come back. Aside from waiting to transition into a new journal that I get as a traditional gift from my sister yearly, I took a breather from being my OC self and figured I’d have time to get my plans all sorted in the new year. I kept saying yes to meetings, parties, and gigs without taking down any dates. When the last holiday ham and rhum cake had been consumed, and the gifts had all been handed out, I knew I could no longer put off responsibilities; so I sat down trying to remember all my commitments and plot them out on my calendar. When everything was finally on paper, it became clear to me that I would be in for quite a month.

A quick run down of how it all played out: I had 4 reunions with different balikbayan friends, spent a weekend in Tagaytay for 2 consecutive weddings that I sang and was entourage for, threw a despedida for one of my best friends who moved to Dubai, joined my first trail run, and had rehearsals, shows, clinic hours, and writing stints in between. The last weekend of January turned out to be a culmination of sorts, because I went hiking on a Friday morning, learned pole dancing basics at a bridal shower that evening, completed my first ever obstacle course race on Saturday morning, sang for an event that evening, and then attended 1 more wedding on Sunday to top it all off.

At this point, I lacked sleep, my body was sore from all the physical activities, and I felt like I had just enough time to go home and shower before having to head out again to face another day — but I regret nothing. Wait, actually there is something. Sadly, because of my lack of planning, I didn’t realize I had double booked some days, and had to beg off of some commitments. One resulted in the cancellation of an already-late Christmas party, the first time my group broke tradition, and on our 10th year too. ? The lesson to be learned here? Being OC works for me, I should never let my true self go! ?

Montalban Rizal Mountains

Rough n Tough Trail Run in Mt. Parawagan, Rizal

Bridal Entourage

Enjoying the cool Tagaytay weather while getting ready at the patio

Autumn Themed Entourage

I’m in a custom Renee Salud gown ?

Took my new Wandersoles Explorers for a test run

Not a good hiking joke

This is our tour guide. Check out his shirt ? Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence ?

Hiking Nagpatong Rock

Rappelling across a bluff

Hiking in Tanay, Rizal

Climbed up Nagpatong Rock

Hiking Mt. Masungki

Vertical climbs, scrambling, rappelling to get this view

Bamboo Traverse

The last obstacle at the 1st Asian Obstacle Sports Race, hosted by Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation

Obstacle Sports Race

Almost at the end, tired but really proud of myself for completing the majority of the obstacles injury-free. H&M sports leggings, Under Armour knee socks, and my muddy Brooks running shoes got me through to the end!

At the finish line, happy lunger

When you skip an obstacle, the punishment is 20m of 30lb lunges. ? Why did I look so happy? ?

So far, so good, 2018. Looking good, looking shiny ?? Excited for what else you have in store for me!

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