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From the Holidays to a Happier New Year

It’s already half past January, but I’ve been having a bad case of holiday hangover. Right before Christmas, I took off from work and filled my calendar with weddings, reunions, and family. I became busy with slowing things down, paradoxical as that may sound. Despite scuttling from one gathering to another (in Metro Manila traffic, I might add), my tank was full from being with loved ones on an almost daily basis. So, it’s true when they say you don’t tire from doing things you love!

Fall Colors

A photo with my best friends and their little ones, from Proud Rad

At the cusp of December and January, my friends and I sang and attended 4 weddings that all happened to be held in Tagaytay. On my sister’s last morning before she flew back to Sydney, we went on our first trail run together in my favorite province, Rizal. Day after day, I was on the road going somewhere; night after night, I stayed up late celebrating with friends. After weeks of that, I could feel my body growing exhausted, but corny as it may sound, I was fuelled by love all around and was energized from within. I felt drunk on happiness, and I want more of that this year and in years to come, but how do I make that happen?

A month ago, I Tweeted about how I’d been grinding to the point of autopilot. I did things just to do things, without pausing to think if they were good for me… and some of them probably weren’t: I was sick too often, I had dreamless sleep.

More than all the parties and fireworks, I loved the holidays because it gave me the luxury of time; it broke my daily routine and allowed reflection. This is going to sound so meta, but in that time it became clear that my priority in life should be time. Instead of writing down several resolutions to alter my behavior, I will write down goals relative to time. Want a fitter body? Spend more time working out, less time eating junk. Have a more peaceful mind? Plan time in nature. Need to be more productive? Manage time better. Work-life balance? Schedule trips and allot time for friends and family.

I’ve been getting a strong feeling that something great is about to happen, and then someone told me that it’s the Year of the Dog (I believe in these things!) It’s my zodiac cycle and I’m extra pumped. Now I’m sure that something great is going to happen, because I’m going to make it all happen. 365 days, one day at a time. Let’s do this, 2018!




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