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July 29, 2016
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Passing of a Pet

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You always stood out: from being the whitest in a litter of browns, to your peculiar personality of oral fixations and expressive faces. 

I will feel your loss the most in the everyday things. I’ll crane my neck after parking the car, just to glimpse your form on the driveway; I’ll think you’re nearby when I hear the soft tapping of your nails on the ground. I’ll miss you welcoming me home with a leaf, a bowl, or occasionally a t-shirt grabbed from the sampay. I’ll hear you in every high-pitched whine, thinking you want to be let inside; and I’ll never forget when you peed and trampled my plants for stealing my attention from you. I regret not ever having captured the affection you showed Bruce, with your vigorous and thorough licking despite his seemingly disdainful face.

I hope you know how much I love you, and how loved you made me feel with every soft nudge of your muzzle or every time you laid your paws on my hand. 
What a character. What a life. What a way to love.

Knowing that my own “one day” will inevitably come, you are my reminder to love without restraint every day. I wish you could #StayKani, but I’ll see you on the rainbow bridge

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