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February 7, 2016
April 24, 2016
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Hello Summer, Goodbye Manila

The late sunrises and cool evenings have come to pass. I don’t know what the weather bureau has to say about it, but I think summer started on Monday. It’s not so much the sun — we have that all year round — but the humidity feels like a sweater I can’t remove. In this heat, all I do is daydream about being by the ocean. There, my body will match the brine, and I will float aimlessly…

On Friday, I’m going to visit a friend in Hawai’i. We’ve been planning this trip together for months, listing down all we want to do, eat, and accomplish. Once we started making plans, I found it harder and harder to concentrate on my daily routine (thus, this extremely delayed post!) I think the anticipation of a vacation is one of the things that heighten the overall experience.

I love making plans, especially on my cute Kikki.K planner with stickers

The friend I’m staying with in Honolulu is a yogi, and she has prepared a pretty packed itinerary filled with the things I love most: food, nature, and fitness. She and her husband have also graciously included a trip to Kona and Kauai, after having mentioned that I’d never been and have always wanted to go. On top of my excitement to explore another side of the world, I’m looking forward to being in the company of two strong ladies I’m proud to call my friends. That in itself will make this a great vacation. I’m so grateful to have found people with the same thirst for adventure.

By my next post, I should already be on another island, miles away from my beloved, native islands. So, so long, farewell, Manila! See you soon!

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