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Win of the Week: Rope Climb

Made it more than halfway! Photo from my friend Aly (who climbed all the way to the top!)

Only on my second day back at CrossFit Greenhills (after a month-long hiatus,) and I conquered the rope! I tried this once late last year, and couldn’t understand the footwork; but took a mental note to pursue it as a new goal. Earlier today, with my Morning Crew, and with the help of “unusually-perky” Coach Stephen, I managed a few squat breaks (will double check this term) and almost made it to the top! I probably could’ve done it, but I belatedly realized that it was a bad day to wear shorts. ? I got rope burn on my thighs! 

As with many skills, this can’t be done by anyone at just any point in time; but it can be done after some training. I’m proof of that, and that’s why I love CrossFit so much: I always win at something after I put in the work. 

Wanna try the rope climb? Here are some of my tips as a newbie climber.

1) Wear pants!
2) Put the rope between your legs, and twist it around one leg once (refer to picture.)
3) Clamp the lower end of the rope with the other foot.
4) Position your hands slightly higher than your head and engage your arms for a pull. (The boys said they engaged their lats.)
5) Scooch your legs up closer to your butt, like a reverse squat (or a ballet plié!) without losing your feet’s clamp on the rope.
6) Stand up from the squatting position to hoist yourself upward.
7) Repeat from #4.

That’s it for my Win of the Week (I should launch this as recurring theme.) Off to work! Happy Tuesday!

P.S. It’s my first time to post from my iPad, and there aren’t many formatting options!

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