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November 22, 2015
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January 31, 2016
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The Catch-Up Storybook: Favorites from the Holidays

December came and went, and we’re more than halfway through January 2016! WHAT HAPPENED. I don’t like saying, “I’ve been busy” because that’s a lousy excuse for anything and everything; but rather, other things needed to be prioritized. But I’m back, and this year is looking up and up. To transition, I want to share some of my favorite things and photos at the moment (acquired and taken sometime during the holidays.)

Obsessed with my tropical printed City Sneaks!

Currently my favourite tank from #GingersnapsPH

Chef’s Classics holiday product shoot with Carl, director of Belle Studio; things are really not fancy behind the scenes (: #LetsCookPH The final videos are embedded in the cut.

Finally have these limited Swiss Miss Knitted Tins that I’d been eyeing for 3 years!
(The chocolate is okay, too!) 

Bought all the Mario Kart Happy Meals from McDonald’s in one go because I can’t resist Mario Brothers!

The Elvis Press Me: secret menu at Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop uses the same pan cubano as the Cebuano, but is a sweet-savory blend of bacon, bananas, peanut butter, and marshmallow cream. I swear, it works!
Not sure I’ll ever get to wear this beautiful Filipiniana “terno” again, but I want everyone to know that Reneé Salud remains one of the best designers in our country. I LOVE this gown, I’m so honored to have worn it.

My Kikki.K planner, band, and matching pen from Ate Karen has arrived. It’s been tradition that I get my planners from my sister at the end of each year, so she sent one from Australia. The K makes it look customized for me!

The new RCS in 70s garb. Special thanks to our Baihana sisters for these tutus! #PLDTPasasalamat2016

Don’t judge my junk! BonChon Philippines’ Bacon Kimchi Krazy Ko-Dog is battered and fried for a crunchy exterior and has a pretty good flavor profile (sorry, cheat food.) #BonChonKrazyKoDog

A photo posted by Katherine (@kaichypoo) on

“On top of many other things like work, mentorship, and countless free meals, I’m so lucky to have a boss who’s a great gift-giver that considers both wants and needs! So sorry, but we are living in a material world and I am a material girl!” #HerschelSupply #Klimt 

I’m thankful my job lets me try on different hats (pun intended) and costumes, like this traditional T’Boli garb from the indigenous tribe in Southern Mindanao. We shot a music video for the Department of Tourism’s program in #ASEANTourismForum2016, where we also performed live.

That’s it!  What I’m not highlighting is the holiday inches I’ve put on, but that’s why in the next couple of entries, I’ll be talking about the diets that I’ve tried recently (and through the years) and let you know which ones worked for me, and which ones I couldn’t stomach  (literally and figuratively.) I’m determined to dedicating 2016 to good choices for health, finances, work, and relationships. 

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