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October 2, 2015
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Foul Play

Let me start by saying that though I will try to be objective, I probably won’t be, and this post may be driven by my biases as a Filipino, and as an alumna of the University of the Philippines.

Once a year, my school spirit intensifies, and I become an internet troll… only for the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition 😉 I think it’s because our school had never won, or even contended, in any other major sport, that I defaulted to pouring all my heart and energy into supporting the UP Pep Squad’s athletic efforts. It was during my time in college that the Cheer Dance Competition started to gain popularity, and our school enjoyed an era of being undefeated. In more recent years, all the schools have raised their standards so high that it has really become anyone’s game; the three teams that have been fighting for the top spot have consistently included UP, UST, and NU. Each year, though I always rooted for my alma mater, the performances had always clearly shown who the deserving winners would be. That’s why I was shocked when I discovered that this year’s champs were the NU Pep Squad. In fact, after watching their spot, I was sure they wouldn’t even place!

Thank you for giving the others a chance this year, NU! #UAAPCDC2015

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

I’m not dissing their entire routine: I loved the strength of their flips and somersaults, the neatness of their lines; but they had at least 5 major errors in their lifts and pyramid formations! (Also, what about that girl who dropped her pepperoni?)

What really happened yesterday at NU’s performance. Created by micvindelmer ( to help him move on. Please have some humor 🙂
Posted by Michael Vincent Delacroix Mercado on Sunday, October 4, 2015

UST’s, on the one hand, was nearly flawless.

Clean, and classier than their usual. Permission to share the podium w the #UPPepSquad too #UAAPCDC2015

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

UP Pep Squad, now here’s where my bias comes in, made me feel things! 

Loved the use of Original Pilipino Music for most of the routine, especially UP Naming Mahal! Tatak Iskolar ng Bayan! #UAAPCDC2015 #UPFight

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

It wasn’t perfect, pero ‘DI RIN MAGBABAGO ANG DAMDAMIN! Ang galing, ninyo, #UPPepSquad ! #UAAPCDC2015 #UPFight

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

… and even inspired a new detail to my long-running fantasy.

If I’m ever presented a prestigious award, I want my walking music to be that electric version of UP Naming Mahal. #Oscars ? #UAAPCDC2015

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

Now, I don’t want to believe that there was foul play in the judging, but how can that outcome be respected? *sigh*

I took a short break from my fan-girling, and attended a mass service, sponsored by my high school batch. My heart needed that, because a few hours later, I was back home cheering not just for a school, but for our national team. 

Blue dress, these red, blue, yellow, and white shoes #LabanPilipinas #FibaAsiaChampionship2015

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

The game had not yet started, and I was already getting riled up over news that the Chinese team had not been following FIBA rules (like having special lodging arrangements,) that administration had made it very difficult for the Filipino entourage to get tickets to the game, and that Gilas was delayed because of their faulty (*ahem*fishy*ahem*) electric car? I knew that game was going to be fought dirty, and I wasn’t mistaken. 

Let’s show this country that cheaters never win #LabanPilipinas #FIBAAsia2015 Go Gilas!

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

From the second the game started, it became evident that the referee had a preference. Quick to call fouls against the Filipinos, no calls made against the Chinese. The players weren’t showing good sportsmanship either, what with their excessive flopping and trash talking (you can tell from their body language and the tension on court.) 

I haven’t followed basketball since the 90s, & this game has changed! Acting is now an athletic skill? Those invisible fouls! #FIBAAsia2015

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 3, 2015

In the end, we lost by 11; and it wouldn’t have felt so bad if it had been a fair fight. Granted, China’s shooting accuracy beat ours, but other factors could’ve made that match more even. 

That’s why this afternoon, with the UP men’s basketball team losing to Adamson, our loss was easier to swallow seeing the teams put compassion before victory, there was respect on and off court (especially in that moment when one of our players got injured,) and there was no foul play involved.

Losing isn’t so bad when it’s to classy gentlemen like the #Adamson team. Great show of sportsmanship! #UAAPSeason78

— K Tiuseco (@Kaichypoo) October 4, 2015


  1. Favorite ko yun video nung girl from NU who didn't catch her "pepperoni." It's just so mean. Can't stop watching it. Haha -Ka

  2. Kaye Tiuseco says:

    It's so bad, that girl will never forget it =(
    … but what the heck were those pepperoni-like things?

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