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October 15, 2015
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October 23, 2015
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Bright and Jazzy Weekend

This weekend has been gloomy on many fronts, so I welcomed some new distractions. Mom was in Osaka for a few days, and I asked her to visit some of the craft stores mentioned on I Try DIY’s guide. I was so relieved that she was able to fly back in this morning, unaffected by Typhoon Lando’s havoc; and it was like waking up on Christmas day, with her hoarded goods laid out on a table. She brought home Royce’ (not enough!) the strange but delicious square persimmons that I love, a designer bag for herself, and a mountain of cosmetics. She also bought some USB-powered reading lamps, and she was so cute when she happily showed them to me. She scored these calligraphy holsters and nibs, Copic pens, and Kuretake brush pens for much cheaper, that I almost couldn’t believe the conversion!
Calligraphy nibs, holsters, Copic pens, Kuretake brush pens, music note puncher

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Before I can get around to playing with those, I’ve been taking a break from drawing, and pretty much everything else, because I’m speed learning a couple of songs for gigs next week. I’m both excited and freaking out (more of the freaking out!) that I’ll be performing with Baihana to sub for their alto. I absolutely love and look up to these girls, who sing harmonies so seamlessly, in their signature bebop/swing/big band jazz. Every free moment of this weekend has been spent trying to sight read their pieces, and then attempting to sing along with their recordings. Not yet there, but I will get there. Maybe tomorrow.

Learning jazz pieces for Baihana (c)


  1. Macy Alcaraz says:

    OMG your haul! <333

  2. Kaye Tiuseco says:

    Anna was trying to buy the Copic box from me Hahaha!

  3. Kaye Tiuseco says:

    P.S. Let's play with them before you leave for your birthday trip!

  4. Macy Alcaraz says:

    Game! Although IDK when 😛

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