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September 7, 2015
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We Live Life By Days

I’ve put off doing so many things for “someday,” because “someday” was always so safely vague and faraway. I set some dreams aside in this giant box of “someday,” collecting them like precious artefacts, taking them out for a dusting once in a while, but mostly keeping them tucked away. I imagined, and maybe half-expected, that those dreams would naturally and eventually be fulfilled; that I would see them realized given enough time. When I got older. After I graduated from high school… no, college. When I started earning my own money, or maybe when I had my first million. When I’m ready. Only, what if it’s like having a baby? My mommy-friends say, “you’ll never be ready,” or at least until you’ve given birth, then you just make yourself ready.

Suddenly, that faraway “someday” is now, staring me in the eye with a raised brow, tapping its toes impatiently. What now? I figured: either I continue curating this dream museum of mine, where my dreams are kept mint but useless, or I make myself ready to breathe life into those dreams, one day at a time. I’ve chosen the latter; and in this space, I hope to be reminded to continue to choose the latter by documenting how great it feels to have a dream fulfilled. I want to keep track of all the things I’ve done to make me proud of being me, and acknowledge even the small triumphs, like experiencing something for the first time. I want to write about the things I enjoy doing, and maybe it’ll encourage other people to try them out, live their own dreams, too.

I’ll have them good, and I’ll roll through the bad; but one thing’s for sure, we live life by days.

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