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September 6, 2015
September 8, 2015
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Personal Best

I used to dread Mondays: from being the start of a school week, to the first day of the work week, it was the day that forced me to abruptly shake off the comforts of the weekend. This changed since I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Greenhills last year, and I’ve actually been looking forward to Mondays, itching to get back in the box (what we call our gym) to workout. I’ve mandated Saturdays and Sundays for muscle recovery, so I’ve noticed that I generally perform better at the start of another week. 

Today was one such Monday, and I beat several personal records (PR,) with the help of tips from my coach and community!

Handstand Happiness

I actually achieved my first two handstands last week, but I wasn’t sure if they were lucky attempts because they looked and felt wonky. My friend Ara, who used to be a gymnast, told me to look at my hands when springing up, instead of straight back. It diminished my uncertainty and really helped with my balance. I did several successful ones this morning.

Squat cleaned 111# today! I didn’t calculate how much weight I was adding to avoid psyching myself out, and I had to remember the points of proper form (like dropping fast and turning over.) This is 16# heavier than my previous PR just last week!

My favourite achievement of the day is my first (six) pull-ups! Not entirely sure how I went from none to six, but again, Ara’s tip about lifting the hip up made a difference.

Thank you, Monday!

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