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September 10, 2015
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September 14, 2015
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Grandparents Day

My sister requested to have dimsum for brunch, at this cart-serviced Chinese joint we frequent only on Sunday mornings, because it’s her last weekend in the country for a while. After a giant bowl of congee, and several plates of our usuals doused in chili oil, we headed to the shopping centre to run some errands. While waiting for her number to be called at a certain telecom’s customer service, she wanted to grab some Rita’s from a couple of shops down. We both quickly chose Gelatis, then noticed a promo: free kiddie cups when accompanied by grandparents. I grabbed my dad from next door, hurriedly and poorly explaining why, but he smiled when he got to choose Tangerine from the sugar-free selection. 

Yeap, I pretended my dad was my lolo, and who would contest that hair?

My sister and my dad went to the dentist and the barber, respectively, while I met up with friends this afternoon. A friend whom I met 11 years ago, during an exchange program in UP, arranged for us to sing for her lola who suffered from a stroke. We spent a few hours with their family, reading verses, praying, singing, and then eating. She’ll be flying back to the bay area tomorrow night, and wanted to leave her lola with a small blessing. 

I never met my mom’s parents, and hardly got to know my father’s, who lived in Bicol all their lives. I felt a tinge of envy watching Heidi’s devotion to her lola, and wondered what it would’ve been like to know mine. My parents are now grandparents, but miles away from their two apo living in Washington; but I pray that the kids know how wonderful their grandparents are, and someday be as loving and sensitive to their needs as I had witnessed my friend be to hers. 

I left her house already feeling like I’d gained more from that experience than I came for (she even threw in a couple of school and craft supplies that were originally for her nephews and nieces in the provinces, but will now be used for my therapy activities,) then I opened the Thank You card she prepared and pulled out a yellow bill. I was absolutely floored by her spirit of generosity. This Sunday has been inspiring.

Also, I took my sister to the electronics level to buy a Micro SD card, and we met a certain Willy Chua, owner of the second shop we inquired at. After my sister had made the purchase, Mr. Chua piped in, guessing we were sisters, but pointed to me saying, “but this one, wise with money.” I liked that. I guess thinking is being, and very rarely am I made to feel good about my practical ways.

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