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September 16, 2015
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October 2, 2015
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A Part Apart

Getting tipsy at a wine fair, Christmases, graduation,
family trips, and the long-distance runs we joined last year

For the past weeks, since she’d finalised paperwork and itinerary, my sister has been out with friends having mini-despedidas for her #CountdownToSydney. The latter half of this week was spent at home, packing and arranging last minute details for her trip. During this time, I was priming myself for her departure, reminding myself that she’ll be back sooner than I think. One year might seem irrelevant to some, but this is the longest I’ll be apart from my “twin.” While it may sound like a Sweet Valley High cliché, no one else can finish my sentences, understand a look, and know what to say when I’m sad as well as she can.

It’ll be her first night in Sydney, and while it saddens me that I didn’t get to watch Masterchef on her bed like we do on Sundays, and that Bruce came up and sniffed outside her bedroom door, I’m excited for her new adventure. I’m sure this short migration will change her in many ways (hello domestication,) but I hope she comes back as the sister I’ve always known her to be.

A passage from a prayer book I read last week:
“Increase our faith, Lord, as we confront the tumult of emotions: fear, anxiety, concern for people and things we must leave behind, our loved ones, our work, our bodily strength, our beautiful world, and yes, this flawed relationships that can never be repaired fully on earth. We fall under all this. Lord, help us, pick us up as You picked Yourself up when You first stumbled and fell on the road to Calvary.”


  1. Read this again. *sniff* Love you!!!

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